Introduction to Amazon Macie


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Introduction to Amazon Macie

According to the official website, "Amazon Macie is a data security service that uses machine learning (ML) and pattern matching to discover and help protect your sensitive data."

This article contains a basic project from Adrian Cantrill to help you start with Macie. The task is to scan four files containing personally identifiable information (PII) and set up Amazon Macie to find and report that data.

The first step was to save the sample data on my computer, create an S3 bucket on AWS and upload the files into the bucket.

Following that, I had to enable Amazon Macie. The Get Started page was the first page displayed after opening the Macie console. I clicked Enable Macie and waited a few minutes until Macie was ready.

I then set up a job for the S3 bucket I created earlier.

To view the results, I selected the job, clicked on show results then show findings as seen below.

The link to the official Amazon Macie Website